1y. The Beach Boys were already the kings of surf pop by their first appearance on American Bandstand in 1964. We would do dances like the slop, bop, slow drag and the grind, which originated in the black dance halls. When I look at video of you dancing on the show, I still am awestruck. The grind was a very sexy dance that you did on a slow record. , a popular though controversial TV program targeted toward teenage consumers, marked Philadelphia as the national epicenter of pop music during its seven-year run at ABCs affiliated WFIL-TV at 4548 Market St. ABC-affiliate WFIL-TV at 4548 Market St. broadcast Dick Clarks. If ABC had not been the poorest of the networks, unable to provide daytime programs to its affiliates, Bandstand would never have been born. When we think back on #AmericanBandstand, the #DickClark years usually to mind. The Tennessee senator had achieved national prominence when he waged a public crusade against crime bosses with televised hearings. Classic - My Photos Mix Photo. Allison said it never happened and his wife provided him with an alibi, consisting of a log she kept of his activities. Classic - My Photos Mix Photo. Menefee was a curmudgeon on the air. We stopped going and so did the black girls, for the most part.. #americanbandstand #bandstanddiaries #book #author #television #philadelphia #popculture #nostalgia, Although Joe Ahern was a Regular American Bandstand dancer from 1959-1961, his professional life took him out of Philadelphia later, managing television stations all over the world. Pelculas Series Personas Noticias. Menu. The number one song was whatever he said it was, and it usually was whatever would bring him the most profit. After impressing the host, Clark praised the teens' performance. Dorothy said that she did it willingly. The white kids had no problem with the new dress code. A big studio was on the ground floor, which WPEN used for the 950 Club in the afternoon and for Steve Allisons talk program at night, while the stations offices were on the second floor. In the news this week..Tomorrow, Saturday, August 12, Walter Ulbricht, leader of East Germany, will sign an order to close the border with West Germany. One singer who appeared on his show says Horn was a loud-mouth smart-ass with an appetite for girls. Other acquaintances use words like arrogant and self-centered. At first, not knowing how to enter the show, she walked to the door the actors and singers used and announced to Bob the Cop, "I came here to dance." When he arrived in Washington and met the 19-year-old news editor of the station, Sam Smith, Allison explained why he had to leave Philly: Look, all I did was put my cock in the mouth of some under-age girls. Cuz Bongiorno became a regular at Bandstand early in 1953. Allison coined a new name for himself: a controversialist. He was advertised as the man who owns midnight. Allisons show also attracted a different type. The young dancers on American Bandstand were the reality stars of the 1950s and '60skids nationwide rushed home to watch their every move and chatter about their relationships and exploits. Horn was from the old school, a radio announcer conversant with varied forms of music, from semi-classical to pop. Valino was convicted and his singing career virtually ended. The teenage committee administered the reservation list. On Thursday, for the first time in a quarter century, 27 of the original Bandstand dancers, including Joe, Kenny, Arlene, Carole, Flossie and Jim, reunited to rehearse their steps for a rock 'n' roll celebration over Labor Day weekend in Philadelphia. Easy, Secure, Fast Checkout. At the start, the set was a three-fold flat and the camera zoomed in to focus on a record player. Some people have criticized Dick Clark for keeping blacks out, but clearly the policy was started by Horn, before Clark. Horn bragged to song-pluggers that he had to shove this music down the throats of station management, but he was unjustly trying to claim credit for himself. For more on friendship read Bandstand Diaries: www.bandstanddiaries.com #americanbandstand #bandstanddiaries #bestfriends #nostalgia #fashion #book #vintage, Here is Anna Russo Bonanni who was one of the last Regulars who danced on Philadelphia's American Bandstand in 1963. Horn played mainstream singers like Peggy Lee and Frankie Laine. ES. Allison and Horn were each acquitted, but neither one of them got their jobs back. Horn led a double life that included activities his virginal dancers never dreamed of. ~ courtesy Bonnie, Justine, Pat and Carole #americanbandstand #bandstanddiaries #regulars #television #vintage. He later became a Hollywood screenwriter. Bob was a PR pro who really knew how to spin a story. The sex-with-minors angle was too shocking for public consumption, and the station didnt dare to reveal it. Horn loved jazz, especially Dizzy Gillespie, Erroll Garner and Sarah Vaughan, and he produced Vaughans first Philadelphia concert. One man, convicted and fined fifty dollars, went on to a career as a philanthropist and supporter of political candidates up to the 21st century. Horn said he went to her home once for a party. Abortion was illegal, and scandalous. Courtesy American Bandstand. (Harris is the man who produced the film The Blob one year later.) When cute young teenagers Arlene Sullivan and Kenny Rossi slow danced together on "American Bandstand" back in the late '50s and early '60s, kids across the country swooned. Dick Clark's American Bandstand Theater, Branson, Missouri. Filmes Sries Pessoas Notcia. 01 Mar 2023 18:16:18 Dave Feldman, a Bandstand dancer, suggests one reason why so many of the kids came from Catholic schools: "They were taught that dancing was wrong, and especially that girls shouldn't dance on television, so they did it to rebel." Also, the closest school to the studio, geographically, was a Catholic one. When Dick Clark found out about it he was furious and banished them from attending his show forever. Throughout the rest of the 1950s, "American Bandstand" featured a number of famous acts including the debut of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel (November 22, 1957), Jerry Lee Lewis (March 18, 1958), and Dion and the Belmonts (August 7, 1958). Harvey Sheldon, a white high school student who later became a songwriter, reported that he jitterbugged with a black girl on the show in 1952 or 53 and no one said anything about it. They were more interested in stations that played r&b all the time, and they stopped coming by their own choice., Deejay Jerry Blavat says: Blacks didnt go to public music events. I am not sure of girl on the far left--looks like Betty Romantini but not positive). What were the results of this elaborate investigation? Management was so happy with Horns ratings that they let him choose whatever music he wished; he didnt need to shove those songs. An Elvis Presley fan, did you know she was the only Regular Dick Clark invited to go see Elvis at the Arena in 1956? "My friends went to church dances every Friday and Saturday night. choosing to stay out of the limelight, we do know that she is a grandmother to 13 grandchildren. Makes a great holiday gift for that American Bandstand fan you know! But they werent there. When Dick Clark wrote in his 1976 autobiography, Bandstand was a segregated show for years. Famous Hooks had known Clark for 40 years and says he never saw the man so upset. He took us fishing on his boat and introduced us to his wife and kids. Happy 60th anniversary of the 4th anniversary of Bandstand going national! "Little Ro" danced from 1953-1958. ES. Her cousin Tilda was head of the Committee and so she was able to get in regularly. I talked to the kids on the same intellectual level. Catholic schools in those days were 99% white. A family member revealed that one day Horn felt so depressed that he put a pistol in his mouth and his wife had to talk him out of committing suicide. The Inquirers publisher supported the work of the House Un-American Activities committee and its crusade against Communist sympathizers in the entertainment field. Disgraced in Philadelphia, the 41-year-old Allison found employment at radio station at WWDC in Washington. One, a district attorneys re-election campaign. Although Horn wanted to run it solo, Clipp insisted on copying the 950 Club format with two hosts, and picked a partner for him the short, bespectacled Lee Stewart. She was a cheerful person, eager to please, up to a point. Blancs secret headquarters was at 1927 Chestnut Street while my fathers optical store was a block away at 1835 Chestnut. In all, 27 men were arrested. At WFIL they thought: What a wonderful idea for TV! Hi Carmen, I'm 74 years old. For more read Bandstand Diaries. The author worked at three radio and television stations involved in this report. In this new setting, a greater number of kids could dance while the music played. Rest in peace dad. Making out in the back seat or copping a feel is the most that any of us ever did.. A funeral director in Newtown Square confirmed Monday night that Mrs. Spada had died, but declined to divulge the details before meeting with her family. For more, read Bandstand Diaries. Jacobs took the witness stand and backed up Dorothys story. Get them now God bless you. The engineers and announcers looked on with a mixture of envy and horror, and none of them reported what they saw to management. To avoid this, co-producers Horn and Tony Mammarella implemented two strategies. Self - dance contest judge 1 episode, 1970 Mac Davis . Secondly, the producer started to require admission cards. Homage to The Jackson 5-"I Want You Back" from American Bandstand! It was common for promo guys to give bottles of whiskey as Christmas gifts. People would phone the station if they wanted to attend, and callers were told there was a six-month wait. Buy cheap The Six Show Tickets in Branson, MO at Dick Clark's American Bandstand Theater - 3/3/2023 8:00PM. You are bidding on a Lot of 8 American Bandstand Trading Cards 283952355685 Theres an El stop there and we used to watch the kids line up. www.bandstanddiaries.com #americanbandstand #bandstanddiaries #bobbiyoung #dickclark #elvispresley #television #nostalgia #book #author #coffeetablebook #philadelphia, Nino Bambino was invited to American Bandstand where he danced from 1956-1958 by Little Ro who became his girlfriend for three months. The show epitomized many important aspects of ever-evolving American popular culture: mass communication, popular music, youth culture, dance and fashion . American Bandstand 1960s Dance Partners Barbara Warchol & Bruce Richard - YouTube 0:00 / 5:44 American Bandstand 1960s Dance Partners Barbara Warchol & Bruce Richard ABdancers 6.91K. Most people around the station found him less than charming. Sadly she passed away in 2013, but fans, fellow dancers, and family hold on to those fond memories. People were routinely arrested when they drove across a state border and had sex. When I danced on TV people noticed me, and it led to my career in the business. Every day after school, we would head for the TV studio which was near my high school West Philly High. The following year, ABC television picked up and renamed the show. Allison thought this decision was reprehensible and criticized Annenberg for it. Our parents didnt teach us what was going on.. He usually brought some of his young clients with him and arranged dates photographic and otherwise for them. He was very friendly. 8/9pmThe Hamptons ? Horn was arrested for drunk-driving on June 21, 1956 and was suspended from his broadcasts, then was forced to resign. After his dalliance with Dorothy, Allison allowed these men and girls free reign around the station. But our Philadelphia program had a history of racial exclusion that was more complex and more interesting. Still, within hours after his DUI arrest, Horn was suspended from Bandstand. 1964 - The Beach Boys - "Don't Worry, Baby". If only this man stopped where Maxine drew the line, then she wouldnt have gone to the cops, then Horn would not have been investigated, then he would have remained on Bandstand and Dick Clark may not have become a star, etcetera, etcetera and so on. She isnt reluctant or shy. (I was in his office as he wrote it. This is a montage I created of one of my favorite dance . If he did that stuff he was accused of, we never knew about it.. We followed their dance steps on TV and their personal lives in Teen magazines. #arlenesullivan #americanbandstand #bandstanddiaries #travel #vintage #nostalgia, American Bandstand Regulars Frani Giordano & Carole Gibson outside Pop Singer's place. For the most part, the white kids from West Catholic and Roman Catholic, etc., were intimidated when we got on the floor. To discredit Loiss reputation, the defense produced a man, with no connection to Horn, who testified that Lois once accepted money to have sex with him. Carole Ann Scaldeferri Spada, 70, of Newtown Square, a regular dancer on American Bandstand from 1957 to 1961, has died. Tallulah Dancier is a black woman who started watching the show around that time: I would hurry home and watch Bandstand as I did my homework. Horn signed some of them to his own record label which he started with the help of a group of businessmen and musicians including Nat Segall, Artie Singer, Bernie Lowe and Harry Chipetz. He kindly wrote a piece about his American Bandstand experience: being on the show, the Regulars and Dick Clark. Bob became like a second father to me. He was born Donald Horn in 1916 and grew up in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. Philadelphias broadcasting sex scandal of 1956 was an early object lesson. Wordens parties included nudity and sexual promiscuity. to a national audience of teenage consumers from 1957 to 1964. built a national youth culture around the pop music records Clark played on the show and the commercial products his sponsors targeted to this $9 billion consumer market. I was so innocent that I thought they wouldnt stand in our way. Mary Ann Colella Baker was a freshman at Hallahan Catholic High School who started attending in 1952 when Bandstand was new: Horn was a perfect gentleman, the nicest person, she says. He defeated Republican Emil Goldhaber by a vote of 303,000 to 235,000. The Mann Act was law, barring anyone from transporting a person across state lines for an immoral act, even when it was consensual. She took a variety of dance lessons when she was young, including tap, modern and ballet. I brought a series of black girls with me so we could do the slow dances together.. The event will be re-scheduled later, his press release said. I never saw him drunk or rude or vulgar., Several of these men agree that they all were virgins then. For more about your favorite dancers and show, read Bandstand Diaries. Allison then moved to California. Vic Blanc became a judge, then resigned when he developed mental lapses which would today probably be labeled as Alzheimers disease. I always thought Horn did a poor job relating to the kids. So, you know, it was no big thing. Jim Morris. And the blacks were in the back and by the time we were about to get in, it was full. Some of the biggest headlines of the year concerned the Kravitz case in which an upper-class girl died during an abortion that was arranged by her mother so the girl wouldnt bear a child out of wedlock. The men who hung out with Horn fed him records by new artists and Horn was open to their suggestions partly because he knew it would help the show, and partly because he liked getting gifts from the song-pluggers. Horn asked his dancers to recommend new songs. Register or Buy Tickets, Price information. Published 2003 in TotalTheater, copyright by Steve Cohen. One of the gifts from them was Lois. The men sat on chairs against the walls of the studio and the girls sometimes knelt in front of them and pleasured them. Bob Adleman, the public relations man for WPEN, arranged an elegant event at Longchamps Restaurant on Rittenhouse Square where Allison would accept the honor. She has an uncanny way of getting to know people. That belief is persuasively challenged by recent scholarship:American BandstandThe Philadelphia Way not only excluded black teens from the show but also represented black dances as having originated on the show with its white dancers. They wouldnt get up unless the bunny hop was playing. Self 1 episode, 1970 . Access the best of Getty Images with our simple subscription plan. It became a second home for me, an Italian-Jewish kid from a broken family in South Philly. Legends In Concert official tickets are on sale for Tue Apr 18, 2023 - 08:00 PM at Dick Clark's American Bandstand Theater. While Clark opened. Before long there were black kids dancing as regulars and American Bandstand was one of the few television shows where I would get to see black people as artists.. This show debuted on television from 2:45 to 5 p.m. on October 7, 1952. American Bandstand aired between 1956 and 1963 on ABC in Philadelphia Its teenage stars danced in pairs and some formed on-screen partnerships Many, including Arlene Sullivan, were gay but hid.
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